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Before you go into DMV to take your written test, practice taking these sample tests. And keep these in mind when you are taking an actual test:

· Review the California Driver Handbook. All the questions come from the handbook. It contains a lot of information and it may take you a few days to get through it.  

· Read the test questions carefully. There will be one correct answer and the other two answer choices will be either obviously wrong or not appropriate for the question asked. 

                · For minors, at least 38 questions right out of 46 is needed to pass.  

                    (Must wait 7 days to retake the test.) 

                · For adults, at least 30 questions right out of 36 is needed to pass. 

                    (No waiting is needed to retake the test.) 

                · For renewal, at least 15 questions right out of 18 is needed to pass. 

· You have 3 chances to pass. 

· Don't be nervous. We know you will pass your test. Good Luck!

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